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Physiotherapy in Middlesbrough

Trained physiotherapists

With clinics based in Middlesborough and Yarm, we provide bespoke treatments by highly qualified physiotherapists.

Suffered an injury?

Our physiotherapists will quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with a wide range of treatments to get you feeling better.

Specialist service

Whilst we can treat a range of muscle issues, we are specialists insportsandspinalinjuries, ensuring you get a first class treatment plan.

We cover:

  • Middlesbrough

  • Yarm

  • Stockton-on-Tees

  • Darlington

Suffering with aches and pains?

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"Having fractured my sternum in a car accident and suffering years of pain, physio, acupuncture and visiting a chiropractor Rita Adams was the only physio that managed to treat the pain and get rid of it completely. I highly recommend her professional service."

Claire Thain08/06/2016

"I was suffering with my back, neck & shoulders due to a road traffic accident, Rita is very thorough in her work and knows exactly the right spot to work on. After 8 sessions I felt much better and was able to return to do all the things I could do before my accident. I would highly recommend Rita."


"I have old injuries to my back and neck which has now led to arthritis. I was sick of taking medication for these problems. after just one session with Rita 8 months ago and following the exercises she told me to do, I am still OK. I highly recommend going to see Rita for treatment."

Elizabeth Shannon13/06/2016